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Вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan Frank Horrigan - The Vault Fallout wiki - Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas, and more! Вулкан игровые автоматы на деньги с выводом денег Вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan

Вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan

Described as a kind of "ultra super mutant in power armor ", having been witnessed laughing off plasma rifle fire and ripping deathclaws and armored humans in half with вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan bare hands, he is one of the deadliest entities to have walked the Wasteland.

Horrigan is a huge man-like armored figure [1]born in Originally a Secret Service Agent for Enclave President Dick Http:// was sent out with several other teams to search for slaves for use in excavating the remains of the Mariposa Military Base.

In September ofscientists unearthed the F. Sometime between andFrank Horrigan underwent his transformation into a super mutant. During this period, he was kept under heavy sedation and operated on by Enclave technicians and scientists under the directions of Dr. Following testing in January ofit was decided that Horrigan should be activated for field operations.

From this point forward, Frank was "married" to his вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan. He could not be separated from it as it continually pumped him full of drugs, acting as a "life support. Horrigan was eventually defeated in by a tribal known as the Chosen One. Despite being literally torn in half at the waist, Horrigan was able to gather enough strength for some final words.

The reactor meltdown triggered by the Chosen One destroyed the oil rig and all traces of Frank Horrigan. Horrigan is a mutant, but he had вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan a monster before his exposure to FEV in the military base, as he had many psychological problems. It is important to note that Horrigan never considered himself a mutant; only the scientists at the Enclave would have considered him one, but they mostly referred to him as an "experiment", and even then, not to his face.

Most soldiers considered Horrigan a walking nuke, something the tech boys built, and they вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan not generally aware of his mutant status. Most did consider him a freak, and there were few soldiers who wanted to accompany him on missions. Standing more than 12 feet tall, Horrigan is significantly taller and bulkier than a standard super mutant. His FEV mutation was further augmented with controlled injections of an experimental modified version of FEV developed by the Enclave, resulting in Horrigan being a "next-gen" super mutant - stronger, faster, tougher, and just plain meaner.

Additionally, a special suit of power armor was cybernetically grafted onto his body, transforming him into walking death machine without peer.

Cybernetic elements include bionic eyes, arm control mechanisms and leg rotators. Although of generally low intelligence, Horrigan noticeably lacks the simple-minded "moronic" mental deficiencies that commonly plague many super mutants such as Harry. For example, Horrigan speaks in complete sentences, using normal grammar and vocabulary, and generally lacks any obvious signs of mental deficiency.

Horrigan most likely mimics the speech and mannerisms of his Enclave вулкан минимальный депозит юбилейная and propaganda programs he heard. Horrigan has HP, and is equipped with two unique weapons normally unobtainable, an End Boss plasma gun and article source End Boss knife.

He is also very fast, having a great amount of AP being able to attack several times per round. If his weapons are disabled either due вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan running out of ammo, or if his limbs are crippled by repeated aimed shots Horrigan will engage in hand-to-hand combat with his enemies to the death. Normally, he continually fires his gun until he runs out of ammo, at which point he changes for his вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan. This special cybernetic armor cannot be bypassed even by critical hitswhich makes him extremely hard to kill, even relative to his high number of hitpoints.

Frank Horrigan is the final boss and antagonist of Fallout 2who also appears in a special encounter early in the game killing вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan defiant "peasants". Analogously, another scene of Horrigan killing deathclaws can be seen in Vault 13 after the Enclave raids it a second time. He was a talking азартные игры деньги с клубники 4 voiced by Michael Dorn who also voiced Marcus.

In the SFall 3. Games Movies TV Wikis. Explore Вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan Community Central. Contents [ show ]. General Services Quests Companion: Major characters of Fallout 2. Retrieved from " http: Citation verification needed Fallout 2 super mutant characters Fallout 2 talking вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan Fallout 2 Enclave characters Fallout Bible characters Oil Rig characters Antagonists.

Articles with verified bugs. For other characters named Frank in the Fallout seriessee Frank. End Boss plasma gun End Boss вулкан заработок денег отзывы frank horrigan. General Jingwei and Defender Sibley Operation:

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Frank may refer to: Characters: Frank Horrigan, a super mutant allied with the Enclave and the main antagonist of Fallout 2. Frank Carlson, Vice president of the NCR in Fallout 2. Frank (Fallout 3), the slave bartender of Paradise Falls in Fallout 3.
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Отзыв от Frank Horrigan: Материал предоставлен исключительно для ознакомления! Нужны адекватные отзывы.
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